Devices, support and service for leak detection

ZERO-LEAK Portfolio

Water leak detection

Acoustic devices, correlators, noise loggers, flowmeters. Service cars building. 

Gas leak detection

Indoor and outdoor gas detection devices. Personal protection devices. Service cars building. 

Biogas production

Gas leak detectors, personal protection devices. Measurement and control devices. 

Pipe and object detection

Metal detectors, magnetometers, locators. Ground penetration radars. 

Hydrant testing, flowmeters

Portable flowmeters with data logger and evaluation software. 

Valve operation

Battery powered mobile or stationary actuators. Remote valve control. 

Network signalling

Water, gas, telco, electricity network signs. 

Network mapping

AR supported network mapping for GIS systems. 

The Best Partners for Best Results

Hermann SEWERIN GmbH., Germany. 

Technologies for water leak detection and pipe location, gas leak detection and biogas process optimisation. 


US Radar is a pioneer and innovator of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems. Among these achievements include the world's first true triple-frequency antenna and the first dual-frequency concrete scanner.

TSI Flowmeters Ltd., Ireland

We work to develop innovative disruptive solutions that pave the way to a better system management for our clients in the Fire & Rescue and Water Utilities Sector.

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